Magnet eng ,แม่เหล็กถาวรทุกชนิด Magnet thai , แม่เหล็กไฟฟ้า
Magnet Services
  • Providing service for magnetic product's condition inspection and magnetic strength check up along with issuing customer the quality inspection report that has the gauss meter inspection tool's certificate of calibration which is fully certified by ISO standard / ICE 17025-1999 & ANSI / NCSL 2540-1-1994
  • Providing technical consulting in designing custom units, installation, usage and maintenance of all kinds of electro magnetic products, permanent magnetic products and metal detectors.
  • Providing installation service for all kinds of lifting magnets, magnetic separators, and metal detectors to acheive the highest lifting capacity and separation effieciency out of magnet and easy for maintenance.
  • Providing repairing service along with providing technical consulting on customer's usage. Our engineers stand ready to provide the technical assistance to solve customer's problem.
  • Lifting Magnet Permanent Magnet แม่เหล็ก
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    Magnet Services